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Does the FBTC refer Therapists?
No. Out of respect for the nearly four thousand member therapists, we cannot make specific referrals.
Can the FBTC recommend a course/training in CBT?
The FBTC does not recommend courses. There are excellent courses in Cognitive and Contextual Therapies across Brazil. Thus, we suggest you seek information about the faculty of the courses that interest you. The FBTC has a Therapist Certification program about which you can learn on our website, with the names of all certified colleagues, that is, those who have the FBTC seal of quality.
What courses are offered by the FBTC?
The FBTC does not offer courses and cannot suggest or recommend any course as many of our members either coordinate or teach classes in these courses. The FBTC provides support and assistance in advertising these courses, in exchange for a discount for members.
Who can join the Brazilian Federation of Cognitive Therapies?
How can I advertise my event/course through the FBTC?
Is there a cost to advertise my event/course through the FBTC?
How will my event/course be advertised by FBTC?
How long does it take for my course/event to be advertised?
When is the FBTC Certification Exam for Cognitive Therapists?
What are the prerequisites to be a Certified Therapist?
How do I register for the Therapist Certification Exam?
What is an FBTC State Delegate?
The FBTC State Delegates are members appointed by the FBTC Board of Directors for their regional leadership potential, and their actions are subject to the approval of the FBTC Executive Board and Advisory Board.
How to be a State Delegate?
What are the main duties of a State Delegate?

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